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Because it Takes a Whole Village


The Pulse of the Community

Creating a Sustainable Micro-Economy is what this is all about. We must begin very simply with what we have to work with locally. Eventually there will be less and less dependency upon having a lot of money which would not need to be there at all as we would be able to phase over into using our own local service based credit system for almost all community interactions.

Barter and trading might even move over into give and take and direct gifting and service by choice and out of a desire to give and to be of service which is the way things used to work before we had any need for money.

Homes would be all of our own designs and to work more closely with the natural and locally available energies and materials with some great consideration given to finding just the right combination of high quality and low cost construction techniques that anyone can use.

The best source of natural clean Water comes right out of springs or creeks coming out of the hills and mountains around us using gravity flow and spring direct whenever that is possible. We can help to serve the local community and the Mayans and other native peoples with good clean healthy water systems like the folks at Gaviotas did in their part of the world.

Much food will be eaten fresh out of our own gardens which will grow year around. That could be increased and added to by buying some dried local foods that are grown in Belize like rice and legumes. We will always have a dependable supply of food on hand.

We might even want to consider what some of the agreements might be. Dogs and other domestic animals may need to be either kept under complete control or not allowed altogether so as not to spook the Howlers. Therefore all Dogs might be better off just to be left at home at first until we have decided otherwise as a group using the 2/3 consensus process.

The Plant Community

Belize has probably thousands of different wild herbs growing all over the place. If they can be identified, gathered and dried, they can be sold for use as medicinal or culinary herbs. Imagine people who develop their own trades and crafts as fully as they can, choosing what they wish to do and pursuing it with all their heart.

We believe in working with naturally available building materials and using our own local economies of scale and Human Scale economies that serve the local communities.

We don't care about age, sex or spiritual issues as long as people can manage to be self sufficient and will cooperate. We care more about what people might really want to do for this emerging new vision to Save the Earth through Eco-Logical Integration into Sustainable Community.

We do have to ask all people of all colors to bring in at least a few hundred dollars per person in cash money with them so we don't have to start carrying peoples weight for them right from the get go, and that does include children of all ages as well as older folks.

We may even want to become part of an even larger EcoVillage Network like the Pleiades, which in turn is just a smaller part of an even larger EcoVillage Network known as the Emerald Forest of all sustainable communities who stand in alignment with the central vision of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace.

Peace Warriors

We are the real working Peace Warriors who will become our own non-toxic natural home builders, and forest preservers who use what the Earth has to give but only within sustainable limits, always giving back to the Earth and serving the local communities in creative new ways. Never because of Need. Always because of True Spirit.

We will become Eco-Logical leaders who reach out to the local communities in Belize with Alternative Technologies like Solar Energy, and Wind Power and we will become teachers of Permaculture and wild crafting and forest survival skills training.

We will create natural learning and healing events, and lead mountain and river guide experiences, and to train people in the rainforest environment.

We will be Watershed Protection organizers and events coordinators, as well as being avid gardeners and local wildlife refuge studying students of life who want to learn from nature. We will be free energy conductors who work with the Diversity in Unity.

We will teach peace, self reliance and disengagement. The whole community will be one big school where people will learn by doing what no one has ever done before.

Everything is to be done as much as possible from Earth and Stone and Wood and Straw and Bamboo and Palm fronds and other organic natural materials that are already  locally available or that can be easily produced.

We will become a seed bank for the real indigenous food and useful plant sources that is to be kept pure from all genetically modified strains.

We like to work outdoors a lot with people we know and trust and we collaborate with the other people who can walk their talk in balance with spirit and energy.


We will all become much more self reliant from the need for things that need to be bought outside our community and outside our watershed which will b ring about an end to the neediness and dependency which has been taught to us by the church and the schools and the media.

We will protect the land for the Howlers and the all the other animals who live here. The water resources of the entire country of Belize will be carefully looked into so they can all be preserved and kept pure and free of pathogens and agricultural pollution.

We could hold seasonal events on our Land and to reach out to friends in our larger Eco-Region to help folks create their own watershed protection groups. We call that Watershedding. We could create our own art and we could discover our own sources of naturally abundant free energy.

The more accomplished and skilled workers could help the younger learners and other people who wished to be part of the community learning process, picking up as many trades and skills as they might want to choose which will all need to be integrated into a working whole in Belize.

Community Service

Community Service work of at least one day a week might be very helpful and especially during times when more people might be needed temporarily like when community building projects need a little help with a lot of visitors and new interns who will need some friendly guidance and supervision from folks who can be counted on.

Community Maintenance Fees of some kind might very well be needed. They could start very low at first at something like $10. a week for all those over the age of 18. Something like that much at least may be needed just to support the normal expenses involved in the ongoing work of the community.

We could create many new opportunities for people to earn more than enough to be able to handle that little Maintenance Fee which could begin to happen once they are all well settled in as self sufficient homesteaders on the particular 49 acre stretch of land that has been set aside for them in recognition of their generous contributions just to Save the Earth.

But how long really is a stretch, and how much land will each person, or family group have to take care of and protect ? We are talking about living at a safely secure depth of One Full Kilometer Deep each and with a massive width of about 656 feet Wide and 3280 feet long.

Those who are more than willing to Save these Forests and the Million Trees we are talking about here at their own expense will then be able to live there and that is how it works.

Human Scale

What we are creating here is our own self regulating Human Scale Micro-Economy. For that to work we need be able to create jobs that all work Eco-Logically. Some jobs can come from the community.

Not all jobs can come from the community. Each person should plan for self sufficiency. Some could offer their own products and services for exchange with others in the community in various ways.

It could be something like an even hour for hour exchange with some kind of credit for long term supportiveness that would allow each to bargain their own value levels that could be responsive to differences in technical skills and knowledge or ability and training requirements.

We all may have to learn to work quite well with a lot of different kinds of energy flowing around all over the place because this land is a land of great mystery that has been laid out with a natural topology that always be surprising to the new visitors who have never even dreamed of such things.

We have to have a global vision that will bring people in from around the world in lots of different ways.

The Spirit of Community

Everything is to be done with loving kindness and every consideration. We are to become a truly well organized community in committed collaboration. Everybody manages their own needs in the spirit of self sustainability.

Neediness and dependency are not self sustainable. Everyone must be able to bring on the most generously expansive Spirit of More Than Enough and Some to Share.

But we all have to have duties and responsibilities as fully competent and contributing members of what will become a truly functional intentional community even though all of those of us who are down on the books as committed Land Stewards, will be regarded as permanent lifetime members, and that homestead will be something can be left to the next generation alone and that will not be saleable on the open market.

We will each have to take care of our own 49 acre homesteads which will be laid out all around the Core Preserve of a One Thousand Acre Howler Preserve, on our own time, as protecting that Core Preserve comes first and the community as a whole is more important than the needs of the individual.

There has been no plan so far to have any other form of community property laid out as such except for the howler preserve. We are going to have the 48 or so Homesteads and the Howler Preserve right across the road from each other and that is going to be it so that we can avoid the deadening spirits of neediness and dependency.

We will be able to integrate our work in many ways that will help us to create jobs for the people doing what they want to do if the market is there for our own personally created hand made products, both within the community and without, and together we could even help each other to collaborate on some new creations.

We could begin by creating and recording our own unique forms of howler inspired music and other sounds and images or by creating other means of cooperative marketing of handmade instruments and other items unique to this area of new creation and with the potential redemption of all living things held high in mind. We are primarily here to serve and not just to get some land.

Our collective choices of job duties and responsibilities could be self selected in accordance with what people really do want to do with some consideration for not having too much competition.

Walking the Talk

We do need to see who really is going to really handle all the work they have taken upon themselves, but then putting a limit on the power of numbers and all these loosely played opinions which would normally just short circuit the whole thing right from the outset. We must all learn to play only for good and never just to win the game.

We don't need too many people doing the same thing over and over again when it is high time to move on to a new way of life that really is Eco-Logical and not just pathological. And we can do it all in just this very spectacular new way of living in cooperative mode which will take us beyond paradise and over the rainbow.

We are just going to allow ourselves to go a little wild once in a while and in so doing we may even be able to bypass the usually pointless tendencies towards the pitiful self destruction of all that is good and right and all that we have been given by the many who have died just to help us to get this far.

People do  have to be willing to respect the Spirit of the the voice of Truth just as it has been put forth here before you can progress back to the beginning of time here in Belize since all others who come without grace or who play that wild card of disrespect will be turned back towards the end times again.

Belize is Beyond Paradise and we don't think we should have to dumb it down for anybody. What some folks may not yet know sometimes will have to be generously forgiven and  forgotten first before it can even be relearned.

Self-Interest and self satisfaction only at all cost to the Earth and all her Children is now obsolete. That needs to be dropped right from the start and we really do expect that from each one of those who would like to kindly join in with our deeply emerging email group.

Money alone does not make a home anywhere else, but here that will go a long way towards getting yourself into this project. What we are talking about is actually only two hundred dollars an acre, which is not bad when compared with anything in the U.S. and that is not so bad when it can be shared 12 ways. A large tribe or family grouping of as many as 12 people may live on and share in the stewardship of each homestead.

The Earth comes First!

The good news for the Earth is that all the land will still be held by the whole EcoVillage Community so the understanding is that no one can ever sell that land away since that is all deemed to belong to the Spirit of the Earth as it has always been.

We are moving away from land ownership here and we are disengaging from the system and moving towards community based living. We are about self sufficiency but we are no longer on the cycle of rugged individualism.

People and their many needs most definitely do not come first. The Earth comes first. The Land comes first. The Community comes after that. The People are just a small part of the Community. That's why we have to ask everybody to put The Community First and to forget about all these ownership issues.

We don't need to really own the land like they do in dominator culture even if it may have to go down on the books that way just to keep the records straight. Our understanding is among each other that it is all to remain intact and not to be sold out.

What this does is it helps us to set something up that is just about the very exact opposite of what went down at the Jonestown Massacre where a lot of people died for little or no reason just because a few normally very insignificant people just wanted to go home which would have been no loss to anybody.

Instead of being way too easy to get in and way too hard to get out like it was with Jim Jones where all you had to do was climb on the bus to get in, and they would quickly promise to take care of you for life, which may have sounded quite nice at first but then the whole thing would immediately self destruct if anybody wanted to go home.

We are going to have just the opposite effect on people here in Belize where it is going to be at least a little bit hard or even very hard for some just to get in as one of the Land Stewards, but then it will be very easy to get out.

The Kindred Spirits Meet

We do want to extend a warm welcome to all of our many new friends from around the world. We do need your helpful collaboration to begin to form the unofficial core group that will back this project like a rock star all the way through with full blown support and deep integration.

That should be customary when you join in with a whole lot of other fine folks who are finally getting around to thinking along the same lines about what can be done now both here and throughout the Americas and maybe even the rest of the world will begin to catch once we can demonstrate what it is that we are talking about.

We do need a few Angels who can lend us an even larger amount of money to make sure we have some backup funding to work with just in case we may need it that is not connected up with any promises about getting a homestead.

That is just for us to be able to use that for a few years with the understanding that we will pay it all back in full with no interest in 5 to 7 years.

That's why we call them Angels. We invest in our own people first and with no desire to see any kind of a return on that investment.

Make your bad self known. We do try to welcome all forms of kind collaboration as long as it is a contribution that is given in loving kindness and not just another dagger in the back out of resentment and revenge. This project is for those who are doers and not just talkers.

We could have an Annual Meeting of the Kindred Spirits of the Belize Project on the last Saturday in July which is strategically held just after the national so people can bring the most interested members of all the tribes together around into one big circle.

More details will be given in the email group on exact times and places and other informal get-togethers may still be possible as well.

We do need to meet in the spirit of companionship and collaboration from all good things are born. Come on out any time. But write first and make arrangements before the end times are upon us all.

You could write us a kind letter of introduction maybe or in some real depth if possible something about your interests and resources and what you would like to do or who you want to be as part of the Project.

Send any pictures of your family and your tribe if you have anything that we can use on this site.

You might even want to make some kind of a showing of support with maybe a small contribution just to show some recognition for the work that has very care-fully been done already and to support the process of further collaboration and the Eco-Logical Integration of the Community.

Wee will definitely respond in Kynd Words and wee will try to send out a complimentary copy of the Belize Journal just as our way of saying thank you for just a wee bit of your kynd support which could be something like thirty five dollars if you really want to know.

Then do plan to come on out to meet up with T and some of the other fine folks at the Kindred Spirits Meet in July. Bring your friends from the Gathering. People will be coming from all over the world once we are on the land but for now it is just the early visionaries with True Spirit.

We are a Global Community to Save the Earth that is just now being organized here in the US and we are still using the bad old English language because that is where most of us do still live and that is the language we do still speak and that is one of the languages that are widely used in Belize so it is probably a good idea to stick with that exclusively here on the web.

English is rapidly becoming a universal language so it might be good to retain that even if many of us are bilingual just so that we can all understand one another better but we do embrace the multi-lingual nature of Belize.

We do bemoan the loss of all the native languages all over the world that are going down fast, as well as all the ancient ways.

Where it Is

All are welcome at the Kindred Spirits Meet which will be on the last Saturday in July and then we can begin to welcome our new friends to other gatherings and take a look at the maps and go more deeply into the details of how things could work out for those of us who really care enough and are able to do what it takes to get there.

The Belize Project is a project to change the way people live both here in the Americas and all throughout the world. Belize is just a warm and friendly environment with a year around growing season and plenty of fresh water.

The land is completely wild where this project will be located with some of the usual features that would be expected on the Yucatan Peninsula including secret underground river systems that connect up to the ocean.

We will be creating a self sustainable community in a very remote natural healing environment. Many Thanks for all the incredibly kind words and the many blessings from those who have offered us their very best of well wishes in such good spirits that it really is hard to believe.

We can do great wonders with your continuing support and we do want to hear what you all have to say so do feel free to join our email group just bubbling over with excitement about this project. Good words of Peace and Restoration only.

We will have copies of the Belize Journal available in the hard copy print version at the Meet. Get ready to collaborate with T at the Kindred Spirits Meet and to meet up with some of the other kynd people who all share in a vision of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace one time.

People tend to have a lot more faith in the printed word than what they may see on the web which may be here today and gone tomorrow so that is why it is important to have something in hard copy, just in case this website goes down.

That is why you do want to make a very real contact with T and the rest of unofficial core group behind this group.

Those who want to make a more generous contribution of what should be something more like maybe thirty five dollars once in a long while just to support our fine work can just use the little Donation Button below.

Anything and every good thing should be brought to the Meet and even just a box of tangerines would be fine. This is just an online extension of the Belize Journal. Share it with your Forest Friends. Thank You all so much and More than enough Love and Some to Share.

Many Blessings will come to all who Keep the Faith as we progress. Bring us your best and forget the rest. We always do good things for good people that we know are doing good work.

Please take this time to use the donation button below to make an instant donation of about thirty five dollars using your debit card through pay pal. In return we will send you the new animated DVD and the latest copy of The Belize Journal along with some amazing maps of the area. - T

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