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Solidarity First

Land like this in Belize that is a truly awe inspiring place that is full of natural power and beauty would be considered by most to be beyond our reach. But we are going to be getting much more than just the land.

We are going to be getting the water that comes down to us from all over the larger watershed. We are getting the community and the people and the Howlers and our own places as Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest and as one of the first to do what we have done.

It is going to become an amazing journey that we have just begun to enter upon that does have to be properly funded and amazingly it can be done for only two hundred dollars an acre which is not an entirely impossible proposition!

The commitment of a certain amount of money and facing up to the economic realities has only been set up this way to serve the very beginnings of our new found common cause which is not going to be that hard on the physical side because we will have the grace of some of the easiest of weather conditions on Earth and that makes it a breeze to build a very simple home for very little or nothing.


We can use the indigenous materials that are growing all over the place and then later we may choose to build something more substantial once we have begun to put our roots down.

This is a specially created and even magical opportunity that is opening up before us that we must act on through clear and decisive action but that action does have to make the grade and that grade is that of attempted excellence as has been demonstrated on this website.

We now need to begin making some new choices about where we are really going with this whole new thing we have called living life like it really mattered right here within Earth and within the Spirit of Place in Peace on the Land in Belize and that really does have to come with time and after much effort and a deep commitment will be very necessary.

We do need to clarify a few things just a little bit. There are some endless boundaries that do need to be respected and there are some emerging distinctions that do need to be made clear if only to help us all to serve the Greater Good.

We do need to know who is really on board with the project and who is not really on board, and on what scale we can prevail, because we do actually have to be able later on to continue to change the name of the game in an apparently disorderly manner as we progress over and onwards in our efforts to step up the pace and to resolve the immense complications that would only hold us all back for nothing but these little differences in opinion that so many would like to cling to but such thing now do need to be discarded.

There is no need for the averaging of opinions which has been our brilliant way thus far. It is now time to embark upon a new journey if we are ever to hope to reach a new destination.

Truth is never to be determined by the averaging of opinions. That is why what people want is of no concern when they have no relationship with you.

They might not even want a clean water system without a lot of pathogens in it. We don't care. We will sell them on one anyway even if we have to pick up most of the expenses with your money that came to us all straight from the USA.

Earth Changes can be Fun

There are going to be many more changes coming right up that we are going to need to begin putting into place, as we must move way beyond the sidewalks of dominator culture, if only to protect the natural integrity of this one small part of this one small planet, and all the life on it, so that we don't all go the way of the Bongo or the Oryx or the White Rhinoceros.

Every member of this community will have some truly fine place where they really do fit in, and with some idea what they can do, and how they can relate and how they can participate, and do their part towards supporting the rightful unfolding of this vastly immense new creation because real freedom has to be earned before it can be burned and the Earth can never be thrown away by the thoughtless majority which figures that they will only need it for a very short time, like less than a hundred years. We must learn to think in terms of 300,000 generations.

We will all have to change in order to better serve the Earth and all of her children in the one way that she really does need our help with some guidance and direction from deep within the Heart of the Earth.

If we don't get control of our own natural economies of scale we will have no choices because all of our choices will already have been made for us by this pointless pandering to the last and the least among us who would only drag us all the way down right into the ground with all this neediness and dependency that is destroying this planet.

Native Habitat

Homeless people are always going to be welcome to feed the world with their kynd blessings. But we support the emerging power of the Feminine Spirit to overcome the powers of dominator culture.

We don't have to play the same old games here, of premature capitulation, out of a growing disregard and a lack of imagination which has now become the new norm for all that has turned out badly, and that has been dumbfounded, like that blundering power of numbers, that has been driving the world of politics and the media message of more of the same, that is taking them all beyond the point of no return which is why we must now disengage from these ethics of mass deception which are devoid of meaning and have been used as empty place holders and fillers that we have been trying to gain nourishment from when that will only clog up the system with useless debris.

They will always sell us all out as they pit one side against the other and exploit the warfare that results to their own maximum advantage and the Earth is badly being hurt by this as well as they always teach us to favor the fearful herd instincts of the Status Quo, while The Earth and the habitats of native peoples and the endangered species and the Forests around the world have been paying the high price of this great misadventure.

If you want to hear more of the music of T and some of the other other fine people you will have to come on out to share who you are with us in oneness and in peace, for all others will be rejected, as only the truest of true friends of the Belize Project and those who really are ready to accept some small amount of guidance and direction, will be welcome to grace our space with their bright and shining presence. - T

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