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Belize has a magic that is all its own. Everything happens in its own time and everything has its own magical reasons. Nothing is ever just like we were always taught to remain in the dark about and it is not just an accident that your eyes and my words have met this day.

Much has been laid down in advance by the ancient ones so that all we have to do is to step into future with the full Faith of Spirit fullness that has always been expected from each and every one of us. Don't leave home without it.

We donít always have everything we like but we do always like everything we have because we are careful to choose things that have real value. But that is not what we were taught by dominator culture. That may be why we need to make a bit of a grand departure.

The repurposing of the Universe and the way we should be living in the world and among other people and how we relate to the natural world as part of it should not be such a new concept but it is and so we all have to be willing to stand in complete solidarity and we should be able to demonstrate that, in order to avoid the corruptions that would try to dissolve some of our newly forming creations.

Money has roots. Most of that comes from the Earth. That is where we got it from. This is a way of giving something back to the Earth. We are now facing an Ecological Crisis here on the Earth. The reason for that could be that we have been withdrawing way too much from the principle assets of the Earth instead of living on the fruits of our own labors and what the Earth gives us in excess of what it needs.

We have been overharvesting the ocean. We have lost about 90% of the fish already and there is no end in sight. This is due to overfishing. The same thing is true about logging and every other thing. We have been dipping into the main assets and making withdrawals from the principal that should never have been made and now we are going to have to pay the price for that. This is one way of putting that money that came from the Earth back into the Earth.

People who are pledging their full contribution share will only be showing their committed support and in return they will be assured a place in grace to build their homes on and to live one within the community by becoming contributing members which then moves resources into the Community Fund for the Earth.

That will support our further efforts as a well balanced community with its own sustainable micro-economy because we cannot hope to become dependent upon the native peoples of Belize who will probably be needing our help with a few things.

Who can Do This?

All kinds of good folks will be supporting this project as individuals, couples, families, clans and extended family groupings and other forms of collective mutual support will become almost effortless as it does become a joy that we all can share.

The Pledges are just one way to accomplish the initial funding of the community which will then be able to support its most basic operations in a fairly equitable manner and legal and management issues that will be spoken about in more depth when we get a chance to meet up with some of the others at the Annual Meetings and we do have an email group with over a hundred members you can join up on the web.

Do join our email group because there are many new voices of loving kindness and even a little bit of a stern rebuke now and then that will all need to be heard, before we have all been cooked so we can begin to integrate all this tremendous amount of interest and the large numbers of people that we have generated into a swarming cloud that needs to be turned into a working community that can be counted on to support this fine project before it all evaporates into thin air which some people say is probably where this whole idea came from but we do always try to maintain a good sense of humor about this tremendously huge undertaking that we have been bold enough to advance without permission from dominator culture who has said only no, no you must not go.

We don't need to take peoples money and to extort all the natural resources down to nothing the way they do but we do have to have something to work with and what people should be or can be expected to kick in for something that they really want to happen.

The Magic of Belize

It seems there is a growing need for a new vision of the Collective Integration of the Belize Community as well as some clarification about how the Consensus Councils and sub-Committees and other interrelated affinity groups and the workings of some of the most incredibly laid back people who all must now learn to stop teaching and to start learning through excellence and example and never to be grasping for power, all of which will have to be integrated into the shared workings of our profoundly diverse community, which is all to be done by Magic as you might have guessed.

We do need some kind of mutually self controllable decentralization of interpersonal resources for the purpose of allowing the valued inputs and directed participation of individuals and groups in the community to be able to contribute their best work towards the collective goals of the community, and how each community fits in with all the other communities around the world which is another very important consideration.

No Community is an Island. We all have roots and we are all connected, and especially within the Emerald Forest where all the Trees are connected up on a very deep level.

Spiritual Guidance

Nothing will ever happen for those who plan to do nothing but put in an easy 8 and head for the gate. We all may need to seek spiritual guidance about how we might best serve this amazing new project and so we must now become prepared to take some decisive action.

We may even need some gentle direction from the visionary organizer of this quietly emerging new project, which almost no one even knows about yet, who will need your full cooperation and loving support to be there before we can move forward and not just as long as everybody gets to have it their own way until they all get bored.

Real Staying Power does need to be demonstrated. the larger area we want to see protected is about 7.7 kilometers long by 5.2 kilometers wide on a 30 degree angle as shown on some of the images. That larger preserve is about 9,884 acres.

We will use only a small portion of that, which we can do by limiting ourselves, to within a Five Acre Home Zone, right along the road. The homesite, will be exactly 200 feet back from the road and right along the center line. That is where we will all have to agree to build our homes, with very few exceptions, which an only be made, with permission, from the community council, but only for those who may have a unique situation to deal with, due to the natural lay of the land. Only one main home per homestead, and then one cabin. That will minimize our impact on the land, and our Ecological Footprints.

What we are doing is building something that is a great work of artful collaboration of some of the most truly gifted people on Earth. But that has to be proven to really be substantial and you do have to be able to play well with other even when you don't control all the cards.

Those who can bring us something we can use without giving us the bill will be welcomed most graciously. Nothing else is even going to be needed here. We might even be in line one day for more than just a good word or two that was not even True.

We might find ourselves in line for some deeply thoughtful reconsideration for all that has been done for all that is good and right and we do expect to see many more contributions in both substance and form, which might soon follow the ultra fine introduction of this most elegantly distinct new project anytime now, which is only about the redemption of all that lives and gives, and to make this world a better place to die before it is too late to make a date with fate.

The Contribution Pledges will be recorded in the books for all to see and receipts will be sent out for all contributions over one hundred dollars so that we will always have a certain amount of voluntary transparency.

To establish your self as one of the committed few, who will each know that they have a 49 acre homestead waiting for them in Belize around the Howler Preserve, you can just send in $988.40 in US dollars using the donation button below. That will put you in on the first level as a committed member as we progress. - T

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To Save the Earth

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