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Forest Sanctuary

We will have to meet after The Gathering in July to begin to put together the original funding for the creation of this emerging new project. Then we can make the legal arrangements to move onto the land and begin to build our own natural homes on our own homesteads.

We will gather natural foods and items of trade out of the forests around us. Natural remedies and rainforest plants and things that are made of locally gathered materials will be marketed both locally and around the world.

The Trees in the area are probably going to be mostly Mahogany, Cedar, and Pine. In addition, we may have a lot of Rosewood, Mayflower, and Granadillo, Banak, Yemeri, Santa Maria, Cotton, Nargusta, and Sapodilla of course which is highly favored by the Howlers for the fruit of that tree is one of their foods.

The land in Belize that has been carefully chosen for this community will feed us and the land will keep us safe and in peace. The Homesteaders will be responsible for protecting the natural environment as Stewards of the land for the good of the Community and for the Earth. The land will be there for us to take care of as well as to live on and to leave to the next generation.

We are to become the Stewards of the land and not the owners except as one whole community group that is collectively responsible for the Land and that will have all the decision making powers of the whole community.

Equitable Contributions

Everyone will have an opportunity to make an equitable contribution to this project based on what they really can afford to do and what we really can afford to give which is the same either way for some and just a little bit different for some others as we may have to consider some kind of an equitable solution for some of the local Mayan peoples who might want to play some part in our community.

But that is what environmental justice is all about and that is what more than enough and some to share really means.

We are proud to welcome all others in the global community to
join us we actually are just more of the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest of which this project is just one small part. Where else in the world is anything like this being planned?

All are welcome to come who come in good spirit. But it's not just about need and greed anymore. This is just one small branch on a very ancient and deeply rooted Tree of Good Hope.

All friendly voices do need to be heard and there is a place for all that is good and right to be included. We have built a fairly large email group that all are welcome to join just by sending a blank email to the address below. We like to do good things for good people. But we do have to be able to prioritize our natural resources both within and without.

We may want to reclaim our natural places in the world and take back our Tribal Roots as the Rainbow Children who are the native peoples of the Earth.

The Spirit of Place

The Spirit of Place may be the answer to some of these questions like who we are in relation to our place and our community and our world and how to do we sustain the Spirit of Unity that is to be tied in with Place and how we can leave something to future generations in such a way as they will still be able to continue on enjoying the fruits of our own labors and that which has been left to us by our own people.

Let us begin to create a place for a friendly gathering of Kindred Spirits working towards a collective magical vision of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace that works in all different ways.

It's all to be Positive and Constructive. We don't make deals with those who would exploit the Earth. Collaboration and Companionship is Key. You are all welcome to Freely Share with us some of your own most elegant wishes and good ideas within this Community as long as you always have the highest respect for what has already been laid down.

This is the place to make your Contributions known and I want you all to be really here with us because True Freedom Starts right here even if it is just on the web and so we had better make good use of it while we can. This is what the real Magic is all about. Bring some food to share. We believe in humanity.

Not that we don't believe in technology, but that we only use it in an appropriate way to bring the children together from all over the world who are going to become the change makers.

We can make it all happen by combining our own skills and resources and good intentions to collaborate together and to start making things happen.

This most elegant new project is still in the planning stages along with a whole lot of other projects that are just now beginning to emerge all throughout the Americas and around the world. I hope everyone is getting in on the action who really does feel that they have something real to share.

Anyone who did not get their Copy of the Journal should bring that up in the email group so we can send that right on out to you.

Loving you all for your continuing support which is what the magic here is really all about for those who know the meaning of the True Spirit of this project and how it all fits in with all the other projects that are a part of the Emerald Forest which starts right here in the Americas and then may spread around the world which all can work together for the greater good while remaining independent and self sustaining.

Pass this message of Truth that is offered in Loving Kindness around to everyone you know and become part of the process that pulls all the people together who might want to join us in fully integrated collaboration. - T

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