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The Howler Monkey

The Land in Belize has been carefully selected for this new kind of community to be able to form within a unique watershed that is perfect just for this purpose. If you know the beauty of the Earth you know that the Magic and the Spirit of certain places cannot be overlooked.

That One Thousand Acre Plus Core Preserve Sanctuary Area will be left for the Howlers, while the rest of the land will be used as a buffer zone to preserve the best of the best of the last remaining natural habitats in Belize which is officially an English speaking country, which will make our transition all that much easier, since most of us can be expected, to be coming from English speaking countries like the US, Britain, and Canada. But as we integrate into Belize, we will then probably become much more Bi-Lingual, once we begin to interact with the various peoples in Belize.

We all must agree to live lightly and with an emphasis on the protection of all the lands within our own local Watershed Region and in the surrounding areas outside of our community as well which we will also want to help to protect and in this way we will reach out to make many contributions outside of the confines of our own community including whatever we can do for those in the local communities around the entire larger watershed region and beyond.

There will be only one road that could be called the Old Mountain Road that will wind around the outside of the sanctuary and that will provide us with a view of the sanctuary from many different angles and access to all the Homesteads that will circle around the main preserve.

We are now entering a return to grace in this new period of rapidly accelerating difficulties which will lead sooner or later to the emergence of a whole different kind of society that will have to be rooted locally or it will not survive because no one else will feed into the overexploitation of the Earth any longer. One world full of diverse watershed based communities that work for the people and for the Earth is what we must now focus on.

Human Scale

The Belize Project will be a Human Scale EcoVillage Community with all the Homesteads laid out all around the outside of the old mountain road around a One Thousand Acre Core Sanctuary Preserve for the Howler Monkeys.

This is by some standards going to seem like an extensive amount of land, but the spirit behind it is not to get more land out of a desire for more, but to be able to protect that much more land that we can use as a deep buffer zone area around the Core Preserve.

Each Homestead will be about 656 feet wide and 3,280 feet Deep. We need to start thinking more extensively like this wherever we can around the world and start putting it all into protection. But we must pick the best places first where the rivers sometimes flow underground like it is in Belize. Most of the best places to survive the coming time of changes are in very remote places that are beyond the sidewalks of dominator culture.

This is more about how much land we can possibly take responsibility for in consideration for the good stewardship of as much land as possible to protect here or any place else in the world because this project is just one of many that needs to begin to take its place within a whole Network of Communities that could be called the Emerald Forest and that will become the basis for a sustainable culture that can live within its own means in a manner which is restorative and regenerative.

We want to be able to care for all of these lands that we really do think we can manage to do a good job with in order to protect it all from logging and big agriculture and even industrial development that would only result in habitat degradation and the extinction of the all the Black Faced Howlers in the wilds.

If we donít begin to plant the seeds of a positive culture now that will become deeply rooted in the Land we are not going to have a place to live or a way to live too much longer.

Learning Community

What we are creating is a new model of the Sustainable Eco-Village Community where Contribution Pledges are directly tied in with agreed upon land use rights and stewardship responsibilities within the circle of homesteads of 49.42 acres each which are all to be held by the community for the community and to be stewarded by the homesteaders whose names will go down on the books as the one and only legal and legitimate Land Stewards who will take good care of the habitat on those homesteads which thing by the way is a lot better than ownership ever was. 

These are not to be thought of as being just possessions to be bought and sold ever again or subdivided or ever to be treated like property in any way as it is all to be left for future generations to live on and to use in peace and to carry on with our vision of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace.

Tribal Community

What our job here is to do in my humble opinion is to create the beginnings of this new alternative world now along the entirely new lines which are still not yet completely delineated and that will only advance through companionship and voluntary collaboration which is how all native peoples have always done things.

We could even have our own medium of inside community mutual exchange. See Howler Monkey Coin below.

A few folks might even want to begin to make some kind of a showing of support maybe once a year with maybe a thirty five dollar contribution just to show some recognition for the good work that has already been done and to support the ongoing process and the various costs involved and then we will definitely send out a complimentary copy of the Belize Journal along with a map of the area. You can use the donation button below. - T

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