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Saving Endangered Species

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Endangered Species

It is time for us to begin to envision the creation of a One Thousand Acre Endangered Species Sanctuary for the Black Faced Howler Monkeys right in the middle of an exquisitely situated Sustainable EcoVillage Community that will have quite a few Homesteads laid out all around it as in a circle in such a manner as to provide a protective layer of benign care and a deep level protection around the preserve.

We are creating a learning and healing community that could connect up with some of the disappearing wisdoms and forms of knowledge of the native peoples who may still have some knowledge of the indigenous plants and their many traditional uses much of which may need to be protected before it is all lost as well as the many stories and ceremonies of their own village lives and the lands around us which are full of the magic and power of centuries of human habitation in Belize as evidenced by the Ruins of the Maya found throughout Belize.

Helping the indigenous peoples to preserve their own unique cultures and languages and way of life through direct integration within our community would be one way of building a bridge back to the native peoples of Belize.

We are creating an Sustainable Eco-Village Community where Contribution Pledges are directly tied in with agreed upon land use rights and privileges and stewardship responsibilities within the fifty or more 49.42 acre Homesteads which are each to be held for the community by the homesteaders as Land Stewards.

These are not to be bought and sold ever again or subdivided or ever to be treated like property in any way as it is all to be left to future generations.


We plan to build a diversified income that comes from multiple resources and allows for maximum growth towards complete self sufficiency with naturally available resources and with handmade products that are made out of locally available materials that can be found throughout the forest that will make us economically self sufficient and then we will be able to buy those few things we really do need from outside the community.

We are creating a natural exchange of resources and nutrients and energy among ourselves and the rest of the world that mimics natural rainforest ecosystems through cooperation and a gifting and trading based Self-Sustainable Micro- Economy.

We could host worldwide events to attract new members who would be interested in Rainforest protection and wilderness survival workshops, internships, meditation retreats and unique learning opportunities and Eco-Logical Conferences.

This is a place where a naturally sustainable evolutionary development among humans and some of our many unique companion species can survive and flourish outside the confines of the dominant cultures endless demands for more and more from the Earth and more and more of our own time and energy just to keep up and in return we get less and less of everything good that should have been our birthright.

Here we will be setting ourselves free enough to begin to give back and to help make whole what has been sold to the highest bidders and lost to the world before it was even found.


If we build it they will come. Then we will be able to use what we have to serve as a demonstration of Eco-Logical Integration to show others how it can be done with our own resources.

A Sustainable Micro-Economy will be used that creates its own jobs with trading and gifting and locally sustainable forms of right livelihood that will create an economy that only goes to support good things for good people who do deserve something in return for their good work done for the community so they can buy what services and materials they may need.

If each member puts in as much as one days work per week of community service we will always have enough helping hands to get everything done. Then we will be able to live within our own means and we won’t have to keep borrowing from the future just to pay for the past.

Some folks will just continue to help out with things they care about and just to get things done whether or not they are getting any credit for it and eventually we may not even need to keep track of every little thing as we will have become proven members who are known and can be trusted and who are glad to help all those who have done so much good for the world and for this project and out of respect for the many who have died.

Those who will quickly become well set up with quite a lot for very little are then probably going to become very generous with all they have been given to manage and preserve and to make good use of as long as it is Eco-Logical and Sustainable.

We will then be able to provide some uniquely pristine wildlife experiences to international students of all ages by setting up tours and outdoors experiences and we will in many other ways be able to set up a sustainable income that we can all share in. But a community is about contribution. We are only looking for those who know that they are only looking for a place where they can make a real contribution. - T

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